20130704-210357.jpgHi. I’m Kristin, and I’m so glad you’ve found me here at Herban Momma! This is my personal blog, focusing on manifesting and maintaining wellness for ourselves and our loved ones. I wholeheartedly believe “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates). I’m a wife, mother, daughter, friend, herbalist, foodie, gardener (although not a very good one), urban hiker, a career woman and now a blogger. My goal with Herban Momma is to share my story, my love of herbs and the information and resources I’ve discovered along my personal journey in the hope of inspiring others to make healthy changes in their lives and to build a community to foster wellness.

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About me:

You can learn a bit more about me, my life and how I use herbs, food, alternative therapies, exercise, mediation, and the idea of minimalism to achieve my goals of wellness for myself and my family and my quest to find balance in this crazy world of ours.  I’ll be sharing my personal journey in an effort to help others who have struggled with some of the issues that I have faced (and some which I still do face today), such as: obesity, eating disorders,  polycycistic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), infertility, food sensitivities, parenting peacefully, de-cluttering my mind and life, trying to find a work/life balance, the quest to discover my true self and find my tribe, figuring out how to include Mother Nature into my daily life and so much more.  That’s quite a bit of stuff I’ve got going on.


As I said above, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” It took me a very long time to come to this realization and I’ve gone from weekly trips to McDonald’s to weekly trips to the farmers market. Over time, I’ve learned what my body needs to thrive and that how and what you eat is just as much about nourishing my soul as it is about nourishing my body. One can not subsist on a diet of junk and empty calories. I will provide a variety of simple, delicious, whole foods recipes for you to enjoy.


Herbs are wonderful gifts from Mother Nature that have been used throughout time to achieve wellness. There are herbs that can be used to prevent and treat illness, provide pain relief, reduce stress, promote sleep, aid digestion, clear up skin ailments, reduce allergies, stabilize hormones, boost the libido, and so many other amazing things. Mother Nature really does know what she’s doing, but somehow we’ve lost sight of that. I’ll be providing a detailed look at these magical gifts and teaching you how to incorporate them into your daily lives.


I’m an information junky – I crave new information and learning new things. Here I’ll share websites, local/global goods suppliers, practitioners I love and educational opportunities for you to explore to help you start building your own wellness toolbox and maybe find your own tribe.


Here you can find some of the books, gadgets and supplies that I use and love.

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