Tropical Berry Ice Dream


I’m a snack girl. I know I probably shouldn’t, but usually about an hour or so before bed, my snack-tooth kicks in. More often than not, I’m craving something sweet. Eating this close to bed time and eating something loaded with sugar isn’t really the smartest move, so I try to come up with options that help me limit the guilt by being healthier choices.

One such option is my Tropical Berry Ice Dream. We always have a bunch of frozen fruit around (like all of these frozen strawberries), so we tend to make these pretty regularly, especially in the warmer months. You can get creative and mix in other fruit – but the key ingredient to include in the Tropical Berry Ice Dream is frozen bananas. This is what will give you the sweetness, consistency and mouth-feel of yummy ice cream. The Tropical Berry Ice Dream is simple to make, healthy for me, and totally satisfies my sweet-tooth.

You’ll need either a food processor or a high-powered blender. Since our food processor kicked it a short time ago, I’ve been using my Blentec. It’s not as easy as it was in the food processor, as you will have to stop mid-blending and scrape the fruit down, but you ultimately end up with the same results.

There are three simple ingredients:

1 1/2 cups frozen pineapples

1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries

1 medium frozen banana

Please each of these into you food processor/blender.

 20130829-113405.jpgI typically wait a few minutes before actually blending up the fruit, as this lets the fruit thaw a just a little bit, making it easier to blend together. Turn the food processor/blender on and watch these chucks of fruit turn in to the consistency of a soft serve ice cream. It will take a few minutes for everything to start coming together.

20130829-113412.jpgAs I mentioned, you may need to stop periodically while mixing/blending to scrape your bowl, as you want to ensure that all of the fruit has been incorporated and is nice and smooth.

20130829-113419.jpgThis recipe makes about 2 servings. If you really want to splurge, you can top with a little whipped cream. Simple, nutritious, and delicious – what more could you really ask for?!?

What are some of your favorite, easy to make, nighttime snack favorites?


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